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My Pot of Gold

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I chased every rainbow when I was a kid. Like most, I was convinced I would find the legendary pot of gold waiting for me on the ground at the bottom. I’d ride my bike or convince my mom to chase the rainbow as far as we could drive, but there was never success. It seemed rainbows didn’t have an end and pots of gold didn’t exist.

With age, the need to chase rainbows subsided; but I still catch myself watching for signs in the sky. I don’t expect to find pots of gold anymore, but I do hope to find inspiration for my dreams.

My childhood dreams of becoming a writer broaden with each passing cloud and creativity grows with the wakening of every new sunrise. Goals. Dreams. Hopes. Desires. These are the pots of gold I chase now.

I’ll admit, there are days when my season of life seems like a hindrance to my pot of gold aspirations. Raising kids, working, maintaining a home, and all the extras seem to compete with my chase. But then I remind myself there will always be rainbows, but my kids won’t always be little. One day they will be grown, and I’ll miss the random Legos in my car and Transformers on my dining room table. So, I set time aside that doesn’t interfere with my most important role as mom, and chase those rainbows when I can.

The most important part remains that I never stop chasing. I never stop dreaming. And I never stop believing. No matter what, I feed the hunger for the search.

How about you? Are you hunting for pots of gold? Or did you give up the search a long time ago? This week, ask yourself if there are any rainbows out there you still need to chase. It’s never too late to start chasing those rainbows again. And who knows, maybe there really is a pot of gold waiting for you at the end.

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