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My Colonoscopy Community

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It’s amazing how certain medical procedures become a common thread that unites people. When I told folks I was having a colonoscopy, the stories and advice poured out (see what I did there?). Somewhat like a rite of passage, this cleaning out event brought us together. I was invited into secret spaces with people I barely knew prior, as they shared the nitty gritty, often disgusting, details of their experience. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

New things are scary, and this colonoscopy intimidated me. Having had digestive tract issues most of my life, the idea of being tied to the toilet, possibly exploding from both ends sounded miserable. With each new story, all the great advice, and lessons learned, I felt better prepared. Now, on the other side, there are definitely parts of the preparation process I would do differently, but the advice supplied before I began helped immensely.

Why Should We Share?

Sharing the details of our lives, the good and hard, is what creates community. Each of us has been through circumstances that made us stronger. Even though we never wanted those chapters added to our stories, somehow, we made it to the other side. We have wisdom unique to our place in life. And that wisdom could help someone else who is walking a similar road.

Too often, we are guilty of becoming the victim, the only person who has ever had such and such happen to them. But once we finally get the courage to start talking, we realize, our story isn’t an anomaly—there are people who need to hear it. They need a lifeline. Someone who has been there, done that, and has the t-shirt to prove it.

I’m grateful for all those who shared advice about their colonoscopies. I am honored to know you at a more personal level. And I’m so thankful I didn’t have to fly blind into the unknown.

We all need community. People who are willing to share. To point. And to guide. Sometimes we just need to know we aren’t in it alone.

What kind of story have you got to share this week?

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