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How’s Your Smell?

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I couldn’t tell you one topic I learned in eighth grade science class, but I’ll never forget Jeff*. He was a plain sort of guy. Nice to others. Generally kind. But the thing I’ll never forget was the way he smelled. As soon as he entered the room, all of us girls knew it. Curve for Men. Ahhhhhh.

Our heightened olfactory senses snuck down to our mouths and caused the corners to rise in full-on smiles. Then our eyes turned toward him to allow the scent to fully permeate our senses. Jeff’s presence left a wonderful smell everywhere he went.

To counter that experience, I visited a local store this week. Quickly I smelled a scent that made me seek fresh air from another direction. The person ahead of me had such a strong odor, I could trail them through the store. When I rounded corners, I knew that person had been there. I found myself holding a deep breath as I traversed each aisle, hoping to avoid sucking in a large gulp of the stench.

Instead of a smile, a disturbed expression swept across my face which I quickly tried to hide. The smell truly nauseated me and changed my leisurely perusing into a mission to get in and then out.

It’s interesting how smells impact us. Pleasant smells draw us in, while disturbing odors push us away.

Even when we are wearing no fragrance at all, we, as people, leave a scent behind. Sometimes it’s pleasant and others are drawn to us; but sometimes it’s nauseating, causing others to turn away and avoid. Attitudes, actions, and words play into our fragrance, and people either want us around, or duck for cover.

Check yourself this week. What kind of fragrance are you leaving behind?

* Name changed

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