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Simple Things

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Daniel hurried out of the car, ran to the porch, and turned off the outside light. Quickly he made his way back into the yard and stood beside my husband.

“I wanna’ watch the moon, Dada.”

The two of them stood in the dark and watched the moon. Daniel pointed out stars and airplanes and for a moment, they were still. They were enjoying such a simple thing.

This morning, I’m up early working on the computer, trying to pound out a deadline. I hear little feet, bounding through the house, landing in the middle of my bed where I’m working.

“Good morning, Mama,” their happy faces chimed in unison.

“Well, good morning to you, too.”

They each crawled over and gave me a hug and let me kiss them on the forehead.

“Bye, Mama.” And just like that, they were gone—back to being little boys.

Those stolen hugs and kisses, such simple things, fill my heart with joy.

I think back to a few weeks ago when my oldest came to me for advice.

“Mama, I was mean to my friend. I think I need to apologize and ask him to forgive me.”

Wow, from the mouth of a child. “Yes, you do. That’s how grown ups are supposed to do it, too. When we hurt someone’s feelings, especially our friends, we do our best to make it right.”

That afternoon, he told me how much better he felt after he talked to his friend. Such a simple conversation to have, but what a big lesson to carry with him through life.

  It’s the simple things, isn’t it? Those seemingly insignificant pieces of our days that suddenly morph into holy happenings and mighty moments.

As this season of thanks approaches, let’s not miss these simple things. Pull over on the side of the road and moo at the cows. Lay on the trampoline and count airplanes. Sit by the fire and watch the flames dance. Read another book even though it’s past bedtime.

Don’t miss it because we’re too busy. Let’s live in the moment and enjoy the simple things of life.

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