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When We Eat Our Eggs

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Our hens aren’t laying. For months, we have searched for a solution. Finally, my husband was outside and heard the “I-just-laid-an-egg” cackle. He rushed over in time to see one of the other hens eating the egg.

There are many reasons chickens eat their eggs or the eggs of others in the flock. Boredom sets in, and they peck the egg until it breaks. Other times the eggshell is weak and breaks on its own, causing the chicken to become curious. But often, the chicken isn’t getting enough food because they are competing with the other birds in the flock.

We weren’t sure why this chicken was eating eggs, so we gave her to my mom. Ruby suddenly became Lady Ruby and moved into Cluckingham Palace. My mom has doted on this chicken. She saves her grapes, sprouts, popcorn, and vegetables. This chicken went from being a number in our flock to being the number one queen.

My mom changed her feed and added some minerals to her diet. Lady Ruby now lays an egg a day and doesn’t eat it. She is healthier and not competing for food in her new palace. The attention and care level has increased, and this chicken is a whole new bird.

Reminds me of us. So often we struggle to produce an egg of success. We aren’t sure what is in the way or what has happened to our drive, but for some reason we aren’t producing much success in our life. Because we are now aware of the lack of production, we begin to see patterns and changes that could be impacting our level of success. Maybe we are depressed, distracted, disheartened, or dissatisfied. Or maybe we have lost our focus, a friendship, our faith, or finances. So many factors could contribute to this lack of production.

But then one day someone points it out; sees us in the moment. Finally, we can start feeding ourselves the right food—positive self-talk, time with God, rest, friendships, church, and exercise. Maybe we even start seeing the need to pull away from the flock and grow in a better way that will mature us and help with the production and success.

And just like that, we’re a whole new bird. We lay an egg—and we don’t eat it. The self-sabotage disappears, and we are healthy, functioning chickens, no longer competing with the flock, but flourishing in God’s palace.

When we eat our eggs, something is wrong in our lives. We need to examine ourselves and see what we are lacking or have stopped doing that helps us stay healthy.

Examine yourself this week. What nutrients are missing from your daily diet?

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