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Running Blind

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My friend’s brother is blind. But instead of allowing his visual impairment to hinder him, he boldly lives his life. One of his many accomplishments is being a marathon runner.

I know, right? How is that even possible? I asked my friend about the process and was amazed at her response.

Her brother can’t run by himself. In order for him to train on a daily basis, he has to find someone willing to tether their body to his and run at his exact pace. If his running partner isn’t there, he can’t go into the city and do it by himself.

Months of physical training for both of these individuals is required just for my friend’s brother to even qualify for some races, much less actually run the race. And the piece that continues to impress me is the person who volunteers to run beside this visually impaired individual is willing to do it all so he can see his blind friend be victorious.

The tethered partner offers their time and learns the pace of the blind individual. They memorize the path and guide the other person in the right direction. Hills, valleys, potholes, and cracks are avoided by the blind person because their partner steers them correctly. After training together for months, maybe even years, the tethered partner learns to anticipate the blind runner’s every move and compensate for any weakness. They are truly in the race together, side by side, until they finish.

This paints such a beautiful picture of how we should spur each other on to do good things. Alone, this blind runner would be overcome by his weaknesses; but with a willing and alert partner at his side, he is able to overcome every obstacle that could come his way and push through toward victory.

He would never be able to run the race if he was filled with pride. Instead, through the admittance of his weakness, much like Paul in the New Testament, he learns to be strong.

Without admitting our weaknesses and learning to let others see those faults, we will keep finding ourselves in the same places of brokenness again and again. The same hills will trip us up. Unexpected valleys will cause us to stumble, while unseen cracks and potholes will leave us hurting and bruised.

I want to learn how to run blind. To have friends in my life who can run alongside me at the same pace. Partners in the faith who know the song in my heart and can sing it back to me when I have forgotten the words. People who aren’t afraid to let me see their weaknesses, either and invite me to run alongside them in their own personal race as well.

God encourages us in scripture to be together-to sharpen one another. May we be willing to take a chance on others, let them see our weaknesses, and train together in this race of life.

Maybe running blind is how it’s supposed to be afterall.

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