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Goofy Golf Par

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Mini golf is a unique activity which involves both luck and skill, neither of which my family possess. When we approached each hole, we laughed at the par. Most signs indicated the hole should only take two putts. We opted to not keep score, with many holes taking five or more putts.

Surprisingly, the harder holes with higher pars were easier for our family as we proved to be unexpectedly successful. Accidental bounces on rocks or miss hits into weeds actually proved beneficial on those harder holes. Each accidental success was followed by laughter and outbursts of awe.

Even though the signs displaying par weren’t helpful, they at least gave us a goal to aim for. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had signs with par at the entrance to each new task, season, and place in life?

Par 4: try four times and then you will succeed.

Par 2: you need two friends by your side to carry you through.

Par 3: after the third attempt quit and try something else.

I remember when I had our first son. I devoured books on parenting, nursing, diapers, sleep, and all the rest. But in the moment, there was no manual that would help. Nothing to instruct me on how to make him tell me what was wrong when he wouldn’t stop screaming. No sign with par displayed.

Nothing in life comes with instructions. So often, I feel like I’m the goofy golf ball being putted by inexperienced golfers, bouncing off rocks and bridges, hoping to stay on the course.

Most times I have no idea what par should be, much less if there is a par.

But gosh would some direction be nice sometimes.

I’m reminded that hindsight is a gift and as we progressed through the course of life, we have learned what worked and what didn’t. We discovered tips, tricks, strengths, and weaknesses.

Life’s the same. We aren’t moving blindly even when we seem to be. We aren’t pinging off boundaries and bridges unaware of the end goal. We have the past to learn from and base decisions on. And we have a future we are always striving to attain. With each new hole we learn. Even if we never get close to the expected par, we eventually find our way and have a story to tell.

Do you feel like you’re in a game of goofy golf, nowhere close to making par? Join the club. Let’s just enjoy the game, stop keeping score, and keep aiming for the hole. Who knows, we might accidentally make par on the hardest hole there is. And oh the laughs and stories we’ll have to tell.

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