Two Words

This is a guest blog from a dear friend of mine, Sherry Croft. If you have ever lost someone you love, these words will resonate deeply with your soul. If this ministers to you, will you please let Sherry know by commenting? As always, thanks for reading.

Two Words

By Sherry A. Croft

“She’s gone.”

Two words

Life-changing words

Heart-wrenching words

Suffocating words

She’s gone.

Piercing text

Jolting message

Recorded forever

She’s gone.

Wailing begins

Can’t stop

I’m crushed

She’s gone.

Shivering inside

Heart frozen

I’m cold

She’s gone.

Eternity called

Fight over

Pain ended

Time passes

Memories stoked

Gratefulness blazes

I’m okay

She’s gone.

Two words

Better said

“She’s home.”


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