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We Cut Too Much Off the Bottom

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(Personal note: We have been trying soooo hard to finish and move into our new home that I’ve gotten behind on posting my blogs. Here’s the latest.)

“How big does the hole need to be in this door frame?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never installed a door. I guess as long as the hole is close to 30, 32, 34, or 36 we can find a door to fit it. I hear you can trim a door.”

“Alrighty. I’ll trim them out as close as I can.” And so my husband trimmed the door frames.

Two months later, after many Youtube videos, several DIY articles, and asking knowledgeable friends, I realized there was so much more to installing a door than I ever imagined. The openings were too small, or our doors were too big. Either way, something had to change in order for the door to ever fit in the frame.

The first door I cut about an inch off the bottom. It would fit great—well, after I trimmed the side. I neatly laid out a straight edge, clamped it to the door, and set the circular saw. Something happened and the saw slipped. I gouged the door and realized why every website suggested only small amounts be cut off a door at one time.

The next couple doors turned out great and then it was time to buy one more. This door was advertised as hollow. Surely, I could still cut a large chunk off the bottom? I mean, it worked on all the others.

I set up the saw, marked my line, and began sawing. I noticed the sound changed and the saw was moving faster than usual through the wood. And that’s the day I learned that hollow doors are actually hollow.

After staring at the empty inside of the door for a few moments, my “fix it” brain kicked in. There was no way I was going to spend the money on a new door when I could patch this one. I manipulated the one-inch strip that had been cut off and turned it sideways. It was exactly the right size to slide into the vacancy. Problem solved!

We still had a few doors to cut after this one, and to say I was cautious is an understatement. The same thing happens in life, too. Maybe we put our foot in our mouth one time and then we are overly cautious every time we speak, analyzing every, single word. Or we make a huge mistake and are hesitant to ever try again.

Just because we cut the bottom off the door one time doesn’t mean it will happen every time. And just because we have people in our family we don’t talk to, strained relationships, and old hurts doesn’t mean that we can’t try again.

Christmas is a great time for a new start, don’t you think? Patch that hollow door. Who knows, maybe it will become as good as new again.

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