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The Squirrel

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I yell at squirrels. Yes, I’m one of those. They can’t hear me from inside my car, I know, and they wouldn’t be able to understand human anyway, but still, I yell at them when they won’t get out of the road.

            On my way home last week, I had another opportunity to yell at a squirrel. Just as I rounded corner, he sat there in the middle of the blacktop. “Move squirrel!” I hollered. There was no time to slowdown and the poor guy would surely become road pizza in a matter of seconds.

            Not sure if he heard me (I seriously doubt it) or saw me (more like it), but that squirrel ran as fast as his little furry legs would carry him, and not only did he get out of the road, he leaped in the air, front feet outstretched in perfect superhero form, into the deep grass of the ditch. His devotion and commitment to his decision to give it all in that leap made me laugh. But it also caused me to pause. He knew the only way to survive would be to throw all his hope into one direction. He didn’t know what was in the tall grass, but he realized if he stayed in the road, he would end up dead. And he made a choice.

             We are all faced with a similar choice. Many of us are on a road that is leading straight to destruction. We are literally killing ourselves by the things we are putting into our bodies or participating in. Sins of all kinds are slowly killing us.

            As you stand in the road with the car coming your direction, what’s your choice? Are you going to stand your ground and hope the car misses? Or are you going to leap in the arms of Someone much safer and more secure, waiting for you in the tall grass? The choice is yours.

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