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It’s Just Not the Same

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Middle school has been a big adjustment for my oldest. He went from being in a small, community school with 125 students in the school, to being in a larger school with 140 kids in just his grade alone.

While the transition has been hard at times, this year has also afforded many opportunities. He earned his place in the advanced class and held his own, earning high scores on all the state tests this year. The elective he chose was band, and he learned to read music and play the tuba. Beta Club began this year, and he was invited to be a member, which also required he look for community service opportunities and keep track of his hours. Science enrichment offered drone flying time on Fridays, which has been a big highlight of his year.

It’s been different, but my son changed and grew up in tremendous ways this year. He’s learned to take more responsibility and that has transferred into how he conducts himself at home. He’s reliable and willing to help with anything he can. Middle school has really grown him in a bunch of ways.

But there are moments when he struggles. Like when his new school hosted water day. For seven years, water day was his favorite day of the year at his smaller school. Fun activities. Friends. A meal outside. It was done the same way every year and became predictable. And even though it was well thought out and planned, he struggled with water day at his new school. Because it just wasn’t the same.

I get it, though. As we move through life, new seasons are around every bend. New doesn’t mean bad. Most of the time, new is a good thing. But just because we are okay in the new and like what the new brings into our lives doesn’t mean we don’t miss the old.

The old has a special place in our hearts. It’s where memories were made, and friendships grew. Nothing is wrong with missing the old, but we have to be okay learning to move into the new. Sometimes that might mean a season of grieving. Or a time of sweet recollection of memories. And there might be tears. But there will also likely be smiles.

If it’s just not the same anymore in your life, like in my son’s, that’s okay. Sometimes things will just be different. But as I told my son, next year will be easier. And at least the school thought to offer a fun water day for the students.

Find the happy things in this new season. Look for the positive. No, it’s not the same anymore. Who knows, maybe it’s actually better?

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