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Rest on the Yukon

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As I stared across the glassy Yukon River, my gaze landed on the majestic mountains resting perfectly in the horizon. Only God could paint a scene so glorious. We rode almost an hour, stopping occasionally to wet a line, finally resting at our chosen picnic area.

The men made a fire while the ladies set up the lunch spread. Roasted hot dogs, chips, fruit, and cookies were on the menu as we leisurely ate and fished. Soon stories broke out, followed by scripture reading, and singing.

The snowy mountains seemed to catch our arched casts, even though their peaks were miles away. Stillness hovered over the waters, only broken by the splash of our lures on the surface. Peace like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Today was a day of rest after a busy, laborious week. The teams completed all the projects needed for bible camp to happen later in the summer and Roger suggested a play day with a picnic on the river.

After several hours, I grew restless, ready to get on the with the next activity. As I stared across the smooth water, mountains perched in the background, I recognized my discomfort with resting. Such a stunning view and I was struggling to enjoy the moment.

Today, in the most beautiful place on earth, I see my need to stop and rest. The more I do it, the better I’ll be when opportunities like today arise. What a shame to not completely soak up God’s monumental beauty which surrounds us every day.

How about you? Do you know how to rest and enjoy the beautiful moments of life when they come? Let’s make a point to practice.

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