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Knowing How to Pack

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“Carter, make sure to pack for Yaya’s before you get in the shower.”

He acknowledged my request and quickly returned to the dining room. “This is the only one I could find.”

“Seriously? It’s ginormous. Are you planning to move in with her or something? It’s so big I bet your brother could fit in there.”

That’s all it took. Within seconds Daniel took the bag from his hands, unzipped it, and began climbing in. Carter helped Daniel while I videoed.

Carter carefully zipped the bag while Daniel stayed wadded up in a tiny ball. Within seconds Daniel was completely enclosed—well, except for the generous air hole Carter left for him. We joked that he was all packed for Yaya’s house now and that she could get him. I even sent her the video.

A few days later, I thought about my boys packing for Yaya’s. They would pack their favorite toys, pillows, blankets, and clothes to take with them. But in the end, Yaya wasn’t worried about those things—she just wanted them. She’d take that first suitcase filled with little boys any day.

He Wants You

The same is true of God. We bring him all our best laid plans, carefully crafted ideas, and strategically thought-out programs. We pack them into a bag and bring them to our Lord, confident that he will be impressed. But just like Yaya and her grandsons, God only wants the first suitcase—a bag filled with us.

God already has a plan. He’s had it before there was ever breath in our lungs. He doesn’t need our suggestions to complete this plan—he only needs us.

Instead of worrying about what things to pack for our journey with God or what things we think he might need from us, we just need to unzip the bag and climb in, because that’s all he really wants. He simply wants us.

This week, bring you. All of you. Climb inside that bag, zip it up and leave yourself at the feet of Jesus. He’s ready for your bag. Filled with just you.


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