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How Long Do Spacesuits Last?

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“Mama, how long do spacesuits last?”

“Well, that depends. Are you using your spacesuit on a regular basis or is it just hanging in your closet unused? If you aren’t using it, the chances of it lasting is probably better because it doesn’t have any damage from being in outer space. But as soon as you sign on for a space mission, get launched into space, and expose your spacesuit to the elements of the atmosphere, then the damage will begin.”

Daniel stared at me, not able to form words.

I continued, “I guess we could say that underperforming astronauts that never get invited on a space mission will have spacesuits that last the longest. Poor performance, perfect suits.”

Daniel still had no words.

“Moral of the story: If you are going to do something, do it well and excel. Don’t be a below average astronaut who never gets to use his suit. Be the high performing astronaut that overuses his suit and orders new ones all the time.”

Daniel finally responded after looking at me blankly in the rearview mirror. “Okay, Mama. I think you answered my question.” Then he went back to playing.

I was amused, even if he wasn’t.

No matter what task we are facing, let’s be the above average astronaut, overusing our spacesuit and giving the task everything we have to offer. We are all made for a purpose with special gifts and talents. What good are those talents if we keep them locked up in a closet, never used?

So, I say, give it all you have this week. Even if you feel like you are literally launched into space, it’s one more experience you can tuck under your belt and work as hard as you can in the process.

How long does your spacesuit last?

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2 thoughts on “How Long Do Spacesuits Last?
  1. Kim Janine Ligon

    And remember, if you do it right you never stop learning and achieving. God doesn’t give you talents once. He keeps on giving. You have to be aware enough to pick them up and go with the gift you’ve been given.

    • christyadams008

      Absolutely the truth, my friend!

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