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Choose To Hold Them

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Tonight was the first night in eight years that David hasn’t had one of our boys sitting with him and falling asleep in his lap. Eight years. How did that even happen? He held Carter every night until the summer before he started school. About that time, Daniel was born, and he took over Carter’s spot. And now, Daniel turns four tomorrow, starts pre-k next week, and Carter begins third grade. It’s just going by way too fast.

And yes, I know what all of the experts say and I’ve heard all of the “dangers” of rocking our kids to sleep. But neither one of us would trade one single snuggle for the approval of some researcher who said it wasn’t healthy. Phooey on research. We choose to hold our kids.

We choose to hold them in the morning when they want a quick snuggle before work or in the afternoon while they are watching cartoons. We choose to hold them after supper and listen to music together or in the wee hours of the morning when they crawl into our bed. We choose to hold them when they are happy and glad or sullen and sad. Every day, no matter what, we choose to hold our kids.

I know that soon the day will come when my boys will seemingly be too old to sit in our laps and let us hold them; but I sincerely hope they never realize it. I don’t care if they are four, fourteen or forty, our laps will always be ready, our arms will always be outstretched, and our hearts will always be open.

Don’t forget to take time for your kids this week. With school starting there will be a lot of change and our kids need to know that it is all going to be okay. Even the big kids. Even the grown kids. Especially the small kids. Take the time each day and choose to hold your kids.

August 7, 2019: Choose To Hold Your Kids

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