‘Twas the Day After Christmas

(Just for fun, a Christmas poem)

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and Santa was late,

He’d left us a note on our front pasture gate,

“Sorry to tell you, I ran out of toys,

Be back tomorrow, with gifts for the boys.”

Payback for last year, the boys both thought,

He didn’t forget, all the chaos we brought.

“This year is different, we’ll catch him, you’ll see,”

Said Timmy to Johnny so confidently.

The eve of that day, the boys made a plan

They were going to catch that jolly, fat man.

Mama and Daddy, they both settled in,

Time for the kids, their plan to begin.

Timmy snuck out with a giant spot light,

Johnny, a pellet gun, he held really tight.

Behind the oak tree with a night vision scope,

They saw Santa coming, Timmy pulled out his rope.

He jerked it across the littered front yard,

Rudolph was first, and face-planted real hard.

Then one by one, the deer tripped and fell,

Some got their heads stuck in the front porch’s rail.

Santa rolled out of his tipped over sleigh,

Johnny and Timmy were stuck in the fray.

Santa slipped in through the trailer’s front door,

Set all the presents on the living room floor.

He snuck out real fast, grabbed his big ole red sack,

Took off to the shed that was directly out back.

Timmy and Johnny, finally broke free,

That’s when they heard it, the turn of the key.

Santa, he laughed and yelled, “See ya’ later,”

That crazy, fat man drove off in our Gator!

The spot light came on as he pulled out of sight,

“Thanks for the Deere, fits my backside just right!”

The reindeer flew off, with the sleigh in the wind,

“Drats!” Timmy shouted, “Missed him again.”

“We’ll get you next time. We’ll have a new plan.

Next year, you’re ours, you jolly, fat man!”

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