Thankful for the Others

Life would not be complete without the village that surrounds our children in this wonderful community where we live. So, here is a shout out to all of the others out there who love our kids so well. Thank you.

I’m thankful for the others, the ones who help me raise my kids,

For family, friends, and neighbors, and the rest of the village.

I’m thankful for the teachers, who devote their hearts and lives,

Who pour out all they have, to see them grow and thrive.

I am thankful for preachers, who teach them how to live,

For the workers and the leaders, who show them how to give.

I am thankful for the grandmas, who shower them with love,

With gifts, hugs and cookies, and wisdom from above.

I am thankful for the grandpas, who like to tease and play,

They always have the time, and know just what to say.

I am thankful for the uncles, who love to joke and jest,

But still set an example for them to be their best.

I am thankful for the aunts, who are tender and so sweet,

Compassionate and kind, who make this world complete.

I am thankful for the friends, whose laughter fills our home,

Who walk beside them, hold them up, and show them how to grow.

I am thankful for the wise ones, who have lived a longer life,

For the wisdom and the virtue, that will keep them away from strife.

I am thankful for the many, who pour into my sweet sons,

They fill a needed gap, that can’t be filled by dads and moms.

The others become their counselors, their mentors, and their friends,

And when no one’s around, that’s when they turn to them.

So be careful who the others are, the ones influencing their lives,

Make sure that they are caring, strong, supportive and wise.

We only get one shot at this, we only get one chance.

Our kids, they have one life to live, one time to dance the dance.

So thank you, all the others, who do this life with us,

You may never know the joy you bring with just your presence.

The way you love my kids, causes my heart to swell,

It makes me want to be an other, who can love your kids as well.

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