So, this may surprise some of you, but I was a holdout on the smart phone craze until about four months ago. I know, how did I even manage in this techy world, right?

Well, I have to admit, the thing is pretty handy. I am able to stop and write things down in the same place instead of having receipts all over my car and in my pockets that I have to combine later. I am forgetting fewer appointments and obligations. My mind is freed up because instead of remembering to complete a task, I can simply set a reminder. When people need me, I am easily accessible. It’s been a better upgrade than I ever imagined possible.

But I noticed something this week; I’m having a harder time being still. Having a phone that connects to the internet, reads to me, sets appointments, easily navigates directions, and helps in communicating with family and friends is great, but when it’s time for me to simply sit and be still, I am struggling.

I am becoming dependent on my phone. Oh yeah, it helps me in everyday tasks; but instead of picking up a book or my journal like I used to, I pick up my phone. When I am waiting at the doctor, instead of catching a well needed snooze, I choose to piddle on my phone. When I am waiting in the pick-up line after school, instead of listening to music and relaxing, I’m playing a word game on my phone. On Sundays, instead of bringing a pencil and paper along with my bible to church, I’m using my phone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the perks of a smart phone, but one evening last week, I was trying to sit still, relax and simply read a book. I kept getting antsy and suddenly had all of these things I needed to add to my grocery list. Then I had people I forgot to message back. Then I had an email I forgot to send. And the downward spiral began.

In reality, those things can all wait; as a matter of fact, four months ago they used to wait and I refuse to let this technological contraption rob me of the joy of being still. I must stop and enjoy nature. I must stop and enjoy a book. I must stop and enjoy time with my family and friends. I must stop and reflect on my day in my journal. I must choose to take time to be still, otherwise I will become trapped and forget the joy of rest and relaxation. Won’t you join me this week? Let’s make a point to just be still. Everything else will wait.

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