Silly Spotties

Movement in the front yard caught my attention.  The sun was barely peaking over the trees as a rain shower set in, and it took a bit for my eyes to adjust. Two spotted fawns were frolicking in the tall grass near the pond in the front field. The awkwardness of their legs flailing about when they jumped brought a smile to my face. They didn’t care that it was raining, they were just enjoying the moment. Soon, their mama poked her head out of the woods and beckoned the silly spotties to come with her. The two young ones almost collided as they bounded towards their mama. I drank my coffee and grinned as I watched them disappear into the covering of the trees.

Watching those two silly spotties reminded me of how important it is to have fun and find joy no matter what the situation. Life is too short to be serious all the time. At the doctor, in the store, with your family, on the phone, or in the back row of church, take a moment and have some fun. Tell a joke, tickle your spouse, find a face in the clouds, or answer the phone with a different accent. Put on a puppet show with your basket of mismatched socks or wear a napkin on your head. It doesn’t matter if this is the darkest season of your life or if the rain just won’t let up; take a moment and find a way to smile and have a little fun. Those little deer didn’t care that it was dark outside or that they were in the middle of a rain shower, they just knew that it was a new day and frisking around together in the grass seemed like a lot of fun.

So throw off that heavy blanket of seriousness, turn off the news and call up a friend and laugh together. Turn on some music and do a silly dance. Or talk in goofy voices and laugh at yourself even if you are the only one around. I’ve always heard that laughter is the best medicine, and boy could we use some laughter in this crazy world right now. This week, do whatever it takes to turn that frown upside and flood your soul laughter and fun.

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