Remember Who You Are

I watched the fire crackle and spark for a couple hours last night. No one else around, just me and my thoughts. With my journal and pen I began wading through the emotions of the past few weeks. Tears filled my eyes as prayers formed on my lips. The emotions have been so big and heavy that I have lost myself somewhere in the chaos. Carefully I stoked the fire and watched the embers reawaken. Oh, how I needed God to do the same in my tired, weary heart.

            Opening the bible app on my phone, I listened to a little robot voice read the familiar words that Paul wrote to the Colossians. Remember who you are. Don’t forget where you came from. Keep in mind where you are going. Don’t lose sight of the end goal. Gosh I needed that reminder.

When life gets heavy, it’s easy to get stuck and only see the mountain of emotions right in front of me instead of seeing the whole picture. I stoked the fire again and watched as more and more embers came back to life. As I began counting my blessings and thinking about the good things of the past and present, I could feel the embers of hope reawaken in my own soul. This is only a season. It will not last forever. I felt God’s hand reach deep into my heart and stoke the low, smoldering coals. Slowly memories flashed through like a movie reel. Remember how you got here. Remember where you were. Remember who’s in control. Remember your calling. Remember your purpose. Remember your hope. Remember your joy. Remember your peace.

Remember Who You Are.

Slowly I let the heavy load of emotions slip off my shoulders, the load I was never meant to carry alone, and I dropped it at His feet. I don’t have anymore answers now than I did last night. I don’t know how this crazy season of my story will end. And I don’t know what tomorrow may bring. But I found me again; buried under the weight and worries of the world.

I stoked the fire one more time. Such a big lesson from such a simple convenience. Remember who you are. Don’t forget where you came from. Keep in mind where you are going. And don’t lose sight of the end goal. It’s so easy to get weighed down by the worries of this world and lose sight of what’s important. Stop. Slow down. And look for what’s been lost. Don’t forget who you are.

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