Kindergarten Already

It got here too fast. Yesterday you were a tiny newborn I could hold in one arm and today, you strapped on your backpack and waltzed into kindergarten like you had done it every day of your life. It’s strange sitting here in the quiet. For five years you have been my constant companion and a steady source of smiles and laughs throughout my day. We sang and danced our way through so much of life. Oh, and I can’t forget all of your silly critters and all their special voices.

My desk is covered with crayons, Legos, headphones, and trains. I have a pile of balloons in the corner that you and your brother stashed away to play with later. Daniel Tiger’s toy bus is filled with all his friends and hiding under my desk, right where you left it. It’s just strange not tripping over you as I try to get my work done; strange not getting extra hugs throughout my morning.

I know you are ready, though. You love life and all the adventure that it holds. Kindergarten has been a dream of yours for a long time. Singing, dancing, coloring, playing, building, and friends are the things you love the most. I know you are going to absolutely love it, and I can’t wait until you get home and tell me all about it.

It just came too fast. I needed to hold you just a little more and have you with me another day. I needed you to climb into my lap and snuggle with me while we watched a silly show, one more time. I needed you to tell me one of your silly stories while we ate lunch just one more day. I needed you to stay little just a while longer.

But you are going to do great and I will still get to steal some snuggles and silliness when you make it home today. I will still get to listen to your stories, they will just include new friends and new fun. It’s such a mixed bag being your mom. I want to see you grow and spread your wings, but at the same time I want to hug you so tightly that I never let go.

I hope your day is filled with laughter, smiles, and joy. I hope you make new friends. I hope kindergarten is all you ever dreamed of and more. And I hope you grow into a strong young man who will leave his mark on this world, starting right here on this first day of kindergarten. Go move some mountains, baby boy.

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