Empty Your Bowl

I attended the funeral of a special lady this weekend. Mrs. Christine Blanton was always so full of life and fun. She told me she never wanted to become one of those old fuddyduds, but instead wanted to have a good time. Mrs. Christine and her best friend, Mrs. Doris, used to have the most fun, always laughing and cutting up. They always brought a huge smile to my face.

At the funeral, I was reminded of what a wonderful cook Mrs. Christine was. Every church supper she sent several dishes and her primary goal was to come home with empty bowls. She worked hard making sure she sent her very best food and when the bowls came home empty, she knew that others must have thoroughly enjoyed all her efforts since the food was gone.

Her sister shared that not only did she have empty bowls after a church supper, but she emptied her bowl out here on earth and is now getting it filled up in heaven. She emptied her bowl. She didn’t take anything with her. She left it all here, poured her life out on the ones that she loved, and gave all that she had on this side of heaven.

What a picture of how we need to live our lives. We put our very best into the bowl and we offer it. And we spend our lives giving it away. When we breathe our last breath, just like Mrs. Christine, we should be able to look at the bowl and know we gave God and others our very best.

Are you really living? Are you going out of your way to pour yourself into the lives of those around you? Have you offered God your all-your very best? Are you working on getting an empty bowl? Just like this special lady who has gone before us, let’s strive to live our best life while we can.

Empty your bowl.

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