Add A Little Sunrise

I rolled over and looked at the clock. 5:28. Who gets up at this time of day? Three days in a row I had woken up at that same exact time. I laid there a little while and finally fell back to sleep, but I decided if I woke up at that time again the next day, I would get up and head to the porch to watch the sunrise.

            Like clockwork, day four I woke up at exactly 5:28. So, I got up, showered and took my coffee to the porch. I sat in the dark for a little while and listened. The chorus of birds, frogs, and bugs was like no other symphony I’d ever heard. Slowly I watched as colors emerged over the tree line. Yellows and blues snuck across in streaks as orange exploded on their heels. Slowly, a blueish gray cloud changed shape. A tear snuck down my cheek as a fullness flooded my heart. An eye. A giant eye was looking back at me from the cloud formation and immediately I felt it, “I see. I know. I’m here.”

            More tears fell down my face as I thanked God for such a tangible reminder. If I had stayed in bed, I would have missed this moment. It meant so much to me that I’ve been intentionally getting up early all week. Starting my day surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature stirs my heart in a way that nothing else will. I’m more at peace. More centered. More focused. Less hurried. Less worried. Less overwhelmed.

            One thing I’ve noticed this week: it’s always dark before the sunrise. But in the darkness, there are songs. Songs of hope. Songs of peace. Songs of joy. Let your soul tune into those songs this week; songs that draw you out of your slumber. And once you are lulled by the songs, take time to watch the sunrise. Colors from all directions, brightness and freshness across the backdrop of your heart. You don’t have to stay asleep and miss the sunrise. Wake up, take a chance, and let the freshness change your whole view. And I know 5:28 isn’t for everyone, but it’s a change that’s working for me.                 Make some changes this week that will bring you to a better place. There’s always room in our life to add a little sunrise.  

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