A Picture of Heaven

The man in front of me dabbed his eyes as the chorus to Victory In Jesus resonated through the sanctuary. I have never heard a more beautiful sound. All of us were there to celebrate Holy Week, but none of us expected to be so profoundly moved by a 40 minute service.

As we sang the familiar hymn, tears welled up in my own eyes as I realized what was happening. All of us; from different denominations, backgrounds, families, and skin tone. We were singing in the same Spirit, to the same Father, and honoring the same King. We were together. We were one. We were a picture of heaven.

I left Shiloh Baptist Church Tuesday with a renewed heart, a revitalized spirit, and revived hope for this little community that we all call home. What if Holy Week becomes the icing on top of a cake that we intentionally bake all year long instead of a once a year, week long community worship gathering? What if we are so used to being together that Holy Week becomes more like a family reunion than just a get together? What if churches, denominations, organizations, neighborhoods, and individuals began intentionally seeking one another out, pooling our resources and gifts, and we started a movement of good works in the town of Madison? What if education, income, background, and neighborhoods were no longer barriers but binders?

Are you seeing what I am seeing? Do you have people coming to mind whose lives could be changed if we all joined together? Can you imagine the difference we could all make if we each took a step toward someone else, offered what we have, and gave of ourselves freely? I get chills just thinking about it!

If this article is stirring up ideas, then tell someone. Share your thoughts, impossibilities and dreams. I have always loved the quote form the German playwright, Goethe: “Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” We have to start somewhere, so let’s start now. Let’s be together. Let’s be one. Let’s continue being a picture of heaven right here on earth. Every day. Not just once a year. On purpose. Together.

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