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Target on My Back

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Our parents went out of town for the weekend when I was in elementary school and my aunt stayed the weekend to babysit. It was a special occasion, because my aunt lived in the Washington, D.C. area and we only saw her on holidays.

My brother and I got the idea to have a pinecone war. Looking back at so many “great ideas” over my childhood years, I wonder if I ever considered the consequences at all. One pair of people fired the pinecones from the protection of the two-story playhouse while the odd man out was in the middle of the yard with a giant sheet of flimsy plyboard as their only shield.

Even when we thought we were hidden and protected, somehow one of the other people would sneak around and attack, especially the person in the middle of the yard. Our arms, legs, backs, and bodies were covered in tiny, raised dots from being pelted with pokey pinecones.

This week has been a week where I felt like I was standing in the middle of the yard with only a piece of flimsy plywood as a protective barrier. The attacks of the enemy have come from all sides, often catching me completely off guard.

There have been big, exciting things happening this week. Both of my books released and are now available for purchase on Amazon. I’m in awe as I watch childhood dreams and years of hard work come to fruition. Two established groups interviewed me mid-week, one for a blog and the other a podcast. I was also asked to share at a women’s retreat this past weekend and knew the message God needed me to share was heavy. It’s all exciting and such a blessing.

But I also recognize the influence of my words. All of you who follow me know that these words are fueled from a deeper place. These words hold spiritual weight and the reason I write week after week is for a higher purpose and calling. The more opportunities I have to spread this message of hope, the larger the target grows on my back. The more I share these words, the more the enemy of God is unhappy.

So, in the midst of excitement, I’m exhausted. Lots of hard has accompanied the variety of wonderful things. Restless nights, difficult decisions, hard conversations, and a sick husband. One of the lessons I’m learning is that when we say yes to God, we have the opportunity and great responsibility to influence others. The influence can change a person’s life for the better. And the enemy of God doesn’t like that.

But I will keep sharing no matter how big the target gets. I will continue offering my words to others in hope of God changing their lives for eternity. And even though I may become weary, my commitment can never waver.

And don’t let yours either. Let your yeses to God be large and your consistency unmovable. Even when the flaming arrows come, continue to stand. God’s message is more important than our comfort.

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