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Squirt-Bottle Trained

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“No more fussing at Amos. I bought the tool, today.”

“Well, what is it?”

My husband proudly pulled it out of the sack. “An industrial squirt-bottle.”

“This is gonna be fun.”

So, we filled up the squirt bottle with water and waited on the dog to get into something. But instead of his normal hooligan nature, he was an absolute saint!

I asked my husband to bring the bottle to me. I wonder how far this thing will shoot, I pondered to myself. My seven-year-old rounded the corner and I couldn’t control myself. ZAP.

“AHHH!” Daniel screamed and hid behind the dishwasher.

“Just because your hiding doesn’t mean I can’t squirt you.” ZAP.

“AHH! Why are you just squirting me?”

“I’m not.” ZAP. Hit my husband square in the chest.

Of course, I didn’t stop there. I sent a squirt to my oldest and continued to fire blasts of water toward anyone who ventured into the living room area.

When I finally gave up for the night, our entire house was laughing. Wet, but laughing. I thought about actually using the squirt bottle to discipline the dog and how many squirts it will take him to learn not to do something.

But then I thought about me. How many squirts from God would it take to get my attention? I am often a stubborn, selfish, control-freak. Even though I know submitting and obeying is the best way, there are times I dig my heels in and fight. Gosh, I’d look like a drowned rat if God had a squirt-bottle.

How about you? Would you be a faster learner if you were squirt-bottle trained?

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