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One day this page will house the books I have had published, but until then, please check out my WIPs (Works in Progress).

I am continually writing new books and sending them out to publishers.

Here are some of my finished children's books that need a home. I would love to hear your thoughts about these titles. Feel free to contact me.


Picture Book 250 words
Picture Book 250 words

Will There Be Trains in Heaven? won First Place in the NGCWC Picture Book Contest for 2019!

Trains, Trains, Trains! Thomas the Train, Chuggington, and the Little Engine That Could. Our kids are in love with trains. What better way to foster this love of trains than with a book that highlights a Christian perspective among all of this secular marketing?

Little boys and girls nowadays are in love with anything and everything related to trains, and finally there is a Christian book to add to their collection! This story paints a vivid picture of what a train loving child thinks heaven might be like and ends with the promise that even though we don’t have all the answers, we have to trust that Jesus always knows best and has it under control. With its lyrical rhythm and biblical references, Will There Be Trains in Heaven?, is sure to become a bedtime favorite for train-lovers and their parents alike.

Picture Book 470 words
Picture Book 470 words

The Never-Ending Hug, won First Place in the FCWC Picture Book Contest for 2020!

“I never want to let you go.” How many parents have said this to their children? How many have actually acted on it? The Never-Ending Hug paints a beautiful picture of a mother who never lets go and changes her entire family through one, heartfelt, never-ending hug.

A mother’s love is the fiercest of all, and the mama in this story is no exception. When she starts hugging her newborn son that very first day, she never stops. All through school, college, marriage, children; she is always there hugging him, expressing her love. This physical picture of a mother’s love for her child has the potential to reach young children through fun, playful drawings of a mother being dragged around by her son to every outing and through every experience. But the deeper figurative picture has the possibility of reaching adults who have experienced and treasure this deepest of human loves. The Never-Ending Hug is sure to move readers of all ages and become a fast favorite to many.

Math Picture Book 770 Words
Math Picture Book 770 Words

A book about geometry that is fun, understandable and makes “plane” sense! The Prideful Parallelogram, breaks down the attributes of parallelograms through a humorous main character who learns the value of humility, friendship and togetherness. Perfect for the elementary classroom, this book is jam packed with key geometric terms and easily helps students differentiate between the various parallelograms.

In the story, Parallelogram is infatuated with himself. He thinks he is the only two-dimensional shape with his exact features and refuses to indulge any other shape’s suggestions to the contrary. Square and Rhombus both try to convince him that they, too, are parallelograms, but he ignores their persuasive drawings and descriptions. After Rectangle comes to him, the doubt finally begins to cloud his arrogance and he sees the truth. In the end, he admits that the other shapes are, in fact, parallelograms and he invites them to join him in his regular Boast-A-Thon, where they celebrate their uniqueness together. A great story about geometry, but also about acceptance.

Picture Book
770 words
Picture Book 770 words

Bullies are often relentless, but this bully is in for a surprise! Showered with an abundance of dandelions each day by all of his classmates, Billy’s heart softens and is totally transformed. This is an inspiring story about kindness and friendship that is sure to warm every reader’s heart.

Billy Boolay moves to a new school and tries to bully his way around like he always did. The kids at his new school are different, though. Every day they bring him dandelions even though he continues to treat them badly. Eventually they win him over with kindness and he learns how to be a friend instead of a bully. Filled with smiles and hope, The Dandelion Givers, is sure to be a great addition to classrooms and homes everywhere.

Math Picture Book: Word Count: 1250
Math Picture Book: Word Count: 1250

Max E. Mum, Math Detective, and his side kick, Addy, must use their knowledge of basic fractions to rescue Ray Sho, the mayor’s son. Elementary students will enjoy working alongside Max as they simultaneously solve the riddles left behind by The Denominator. A must have for every elementary math classroom.

Using his math notebook, Max E. Mum and Addy, work together to solve the riddles that The Denominator has left behind. Skills that are practiced by Max and Addy are related to Least Common Multiple (LCM), Least Common Denominator, (LCD), equivalent fractions and adding basic fractions that equal one whole. This book is a great tool to reinforce lessons on fractions in the math classroom. A teacher resource page is also included.

Math Picture Book: Word Count 950
Math Picture Book: Word Count 950

A book about two-dimensional shapes that is flat out one of a kind! Country Rectangle, is perfect for the elementary classroom and is filled with real-life examples of two-dimensional shapes. Kids will fall in love with the kind, caring, compassionate, and encouraging, Country Rectangle, while reinforcing their understanding of basic geometry.

“Well, dippidy doo! You’re two-dimensional, same as me. That means we’re practically kin.” Join Country Rectangle as he encourages downtrodden, two-dimensional shapes and reminds them of their real-life purpose, value and worth. This fun, predictable story will have elementary-aged children joining in on each stanza as they learn to recognize two dimensional shapes in the world around them. This book is a must have for the elementary math classroom.

Middle Grades Fiction
20,000 Words
Middle Grades Fiction 20,000 Words

Poppy is unresponsive in the hospital and Brittany is stuck in boring Mr. Needsome’s class. The only motivation to get through the day is that maybe Poppy will be awake so they can play Imagination Checkers after school. Despite her best efforts with rock ‘n roll wigs, air guitar dances, goofy teeth, and googly eye glasses, Poppy is not improving. Just when she thinks it is too much to handle, she steps off of the elevator, onto the fifth floor, and meets Kyle. Neither of their lives will ever be the same as they begin their friendship filled with pranks, stories, frogs, and fun. Oh and don’t forget the game that started it all-Imagination Checkers. Don’t miss out on this magical adventure.

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