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Real Rain

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My dad has a fair-sized garden this year. There is an electric fence to keep the varmints at bay and he regularly goes out and checks on it. Every few days he runs the sprinkler to make sure the plants get the water they need to grow.

The past few weeks, rain has been scarce and he has tried to run the sprinklers a bit more than usual, but even still, the plants haven’t produced as well as he hoped. Finally, this past week we had two good rains. As we were out in the garden picking beans Sunday evening, he noticed how much better the plants were producing since they had real rain. The beans were fuller and healthier looking, and the leaves of the plants were lusher and more vibrant.

Water from the sprinkler kept the plants growing and alive, but there is nothing like having real rain. The same is true in our lives. There are plenty of sources of sprinkler water all around; things that keep us going and pointed in the right direction. But then there are those special people, places, activities, and hobbies that simply make our souls sing. Maybe it is our faith or a close friendship. A sport or hobby. A vacation spot or a view from our front porch. There is no substitute for those special parts of our lives that bring a smile to our souls.

As I think about real rain falling on my dad’s garden, I’m also thinking about the real rain I need in my own life. If I am going to grow and become the best version of myself, I must regularly include real rain in my life. I must make time for passions, hobbies, and sunsets. I must seek God and spend time with those people who can sing along with the song of my heart. And there can be no substitute for these special droplets of rain in our lives.

Make some time this week for real rain and see what lushness and vibrance begins to grow in your life as a result.

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2 thoughts on “Real Rain
  1. J.D. Wininger

    Loved your post ma’am. With your permission, I’d love to reference this in a post I have queued up for later this summer. Lots a great lessons we can apply here Ms. Christy. Hope that little guy’s tummy is feeling better and he’s enjoying summer.

    • christyadams008


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