What if?

What a wonderful feeling to be back with people today. I got a few hugs and a bunch of fist bumps. I had forgotten how wonderful it was to sing with a room filled with like-minded people; to simply be with others who share your same heart and values. The church wasn’t packed by any means, but I could feel the warmth, the excitement, the thankfulness that was radiating from each person today. We honestly missed being together and were recharged and blessed to come together once again.

            I was honestly a little hesitant to come today. Fear has run rampant as we have tried to keep one another safe. All of the what ifs filled my mind, but once I walked in, all the what ifs fell flat. Instead a new train of thought chugged onto the tracks. What if I let fear keep me from fellowshipping? What if I allowed my figurative mask to stay on and I missed doing life with others? What if I never got to experience relationships again? What if I let my what ifs rule my days?

            Memories flooded my mind as I recalled special conversations and events attached to each person in the room. Funny moments made me smile and serious talks warmed my heart as so many ran through, one behind the other. We are designed to be together. We are designed to encourage one another. We are designed to walk through life hand in hand.

            After the memories ran through, I thought about the state of our nation and how important it is right now to come together. Local churches, communities, neighborhoods, we all need to join together and stand united in love, peace, and hope. If our world was ever in need of real, God-inspired relationships, now is that time. Speak words that heal. Words that inspire. Words that build up. We need each other more than ever.

            What if we reached out this week and rekindled an old relationship? What if we sought out someone new and built a friendship? What if we intentionally stepped out of our comfort zone and helped someone in need? What if we joined our brothers and sisters in our community and walked hand in hand? Together. As one. In relationship. On purpose. What if?        

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