Spaghetti Arms

“Look, spaghetti arms. This is my dance space. This is your dance space. I don’t go into yours, you don’t go into mine. You gotta’ hold the frame.” Ah, the sweet recollection of the charming Patrick Swayze as he teaches Baby how to dance in the famous movie, Dirty Dancing. Her arms were floppy, and she couldn’t succeed as his dance partner if she didn’t work on her posture and arm support. Spaghetti arms are no good when trying to dance.

And spaghetti arms didn’t work for Moses either. He was told by God to hold up his arms in order to win the battle over the Amalekites. Joshua and the other warriors were in the thick of the battle and as long as Moses’ arms were up, the Israelites were victorious, but as soon as they fell, the army started losing. Over time, his arms became floppy like spaghetti, and soon, he couldn’t hold them up anymore. Thankfully, Aaron and Hur understood the importance of holding Moses’ arms up so he could complete his task for the Lord. They knew he could not finish the work alone.

My arms have resembled spaghetti the last few weeks. I’ve had many important tasks to complete, but my arms have been tired, not to mention my mind and body. Even though I know I’m working for the Lord in so many ways, the outside factors of life have stolen my energy and attention, making my arms like spaghetti. I’m grateful this week for my Aarons and Hurs who have slipped under my arms and held them up. They are lifting me, praying for me, and making sure the work gets done.

Spaghetti arms are no good whether in dancing, fighting, or living, but they do help us gain a dose of humility as we learn to depend on those around us for support and encouragement. We were designed to hold each other up and encourage the ones who are weak. We were designed to do this life with others and receive and give support as needed. We were designed to lean on God for help and not do it alone.

How are your arms this week?

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