Pockets of Joy

As I dressed my youngest in his overalls today, I remembered the many hours I used to have wearing my own pair of overalls. I loved filling up all of the pockets with the treasures of the day. Lady bugs, roly-polies, and rocks were just a few of the precious items I packed away in all of the secret compartments. The zippered pockets were always my favorite because I didn’t have to worry about losing any of my bugs or rocks.

            As I think about storing those sacred trinkets in my pockets, I can’t help but think about the special treasures I have been storing up for myself lately. Every time someone says they are praying for us, I tuck it away in one of my pockets. When I get to spend time with special friends, I store it away in another pocket. Encouraging words get stashed to pull out on a later day. Laughs and giggles from my boys get pushed in close. But then there are those special moments where I feel like God sends just the right person, just the right song, or just the right scripture and those are the treasures that get zipped up so they won’t fall out. Those are the moments that get me through the hard times.

            I have thought a lot about these pockets of joy this week. Sometimes life can be all consuming and it feels like it won’t let up any time soon. Sometimes the valleys outnumber the hills and the springs of refreshment seem to never appear. But that’s where these pockets of joy come in. When something makes you smile, tuck it away and when things get tough, pull it back out. When someone brings joy into your life, enjoy the moment fully, slip it away in another pocket and remind yourself of that instance when the world looks bleak. When you are blessed, loved and valued, zip it up in that special pocket where it can’t fall out; you might just need the reminder again very soon.

            Even in hardship, there are pockets of joy. Sometimes I think those special pockets are the reminders that actually get us through to the other side. Pay attention to the wonders around you. Take time to find joy in your world. Let the smile linger when it chooses to appear. Then start storing up those special treasures in your overalls. You might just find that those pockets of joy are what get you through the day.

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