How Does Mickey Mouse Pee?

“Mama, how does Mickey Mouse pee?” I tried to stifle the laughter. Where in the world did THAT come from?

“Well, I suppose he has an outhouse behind the clubhouse.” All of us laughed and began coming up with funny places that Mickey Mouse might use the bathroom or how he could even make it happen.

I could have shrugged the question off. I could have made a funny comment and that was it. But I didn’t.

I chose engagement.

I chose to challenge his busy little mind with more questions that would give him something to think about. I chose to joke and laugh along with him. I chose to think like a seven year old who likes to watch Mickey Mouse and help him on this wild little question journey. We spun out puns and laughed at our ridiculousness. And we bonded.

So when the more serious questions come, like today, my son knows that Mama will talk to him. When he asks me how to get to heaven so he will get to see Uncle Arnold one day, he knows I will engage with him. And when he asks about sin and Jesus and salvation, he knows it’s safe and we will explore the topic together.

The silly, the serious,and all in between. We need to engage. We need to slow down enough to foster growth in the lives of our children. They need to know they are valuable, important and loved. Just because it’s silly to us doesn’t mean that it’s silly to them. Well, it might be; but what a great time to laugh together with our kids.

We still don’t know where or how Mickey Mouse pees, but my son knows Mama cares. He knows that he is heard. And he knows he is valued.

Take time to engage. Life is never too busy to stop and talk with our kids. We might even learn a thing or two.

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