Careful, Not Fearful

We had a large event planned at church this weekend. Excitedly we prepped and prayed in anticipation of being together. But a day before the event, news of a spike in local Coronavirus cases caused concern. Then many who would be in attendance reported being exposed to others who now had it and many more shared they were having symptoms. Others called expressing hesitancy and worry. Should we carry on with a smaller number or cancel until everyone could attend?

Such a hard decision, but it brought me to a different train of thought: we must be careful, not fearful. In being careful, we considered all the facts and decided that at this time, this particular event should be cancelled and rescheduled when the local spike is over.

But just because we cancelled this one event doesn’t mean we cancel every event in the foreseeable future and hide in our holes of isolation, afraid to be around anyone. Fear only cripples; but being careful allows for level-headed consideration of every fact related to each unique situation.

Coronavirus has brought us to some uncertain times. Vaccinate or not? Isolate or mingle? Mask or not? I don’t know that any answer is the right answer, but I do know that we must educate ourselves as much as possible, observe and take in the facts, and make the best, most careful decisions we can for ourselves and immediate family.

Does a particular event raise concern? Stay home. Do you want to be together with others? Attend carefully. But one thing I realized this weekend is that we each have our own views and beliefs in relation to this virus. Some of my friends are vaccinated while others choose not to be. Many friends had coronavirus and have the antibodies in their systems while others have yet to be affected. Some friends choose to wear a mask while others opt out.

But it’s not my place to stand in judgment of anyone on their personal choices in this matter. I will choose what I think is best for me and my family just as you will choose what you think is best for you and yours. Every situation is different. Every life has different areas to be considered.

My challenge to each of us, though, is to be careful, not fearful. Fear creates barriers and obstacles while being careful allows room for facts and observation. In an uncertain world where we must still actively exist and participate, let’s keep an open mind and continue to live.

Be careful, not fearful in your choices this week.

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4 thoughts on “Careful, Not Fearful

  1. You are so right. Each family has to find their way in this mess and we can’t let it divide our hearts. Going forward carefully in faith his the only way we will survive it.

  2. I loved your blog post on this topic, today I found as just attended my possibly one and only ” 1st grandchild” baby shower, for my daughter yesterday, a beautiful but hot August Sunday.
    My daughter assured me precautions taken, but no one masked, out of 20 or more people fairly close in proximity. So I will now go this day and those soon to follow with much heartfelt prayers that no one, muchless myself, will have contacted this terrible virus in, a “careful, not fearful” world. Thanks again so much for your encouraging words!

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