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“You think I’ve lost my mind, don’t you?” my husband finally asked.

“Yes. I do. But you stood beside me when I lost mine, so I’m in this thing for the long haul.” And this set in motion our over six hour (one way) trip to Mississippi.

Now, my husband is not a big travel nut, so a random trip to Mississippi isn’t something that happens very often. We drove over the night before and then called the guy we needed to see the next morning. Once we found his house, this little hyperactive ball of personality, came zooming around the corner nipping, jumping and frisking. The next thing I know, we have loaded up and are headed back with a super spirited, 10 week old, Mountain Feist puppy.

The ride home spoiled us. He was so calm and laid in his bed on my husband’s lap. He peed on him a few times, which I found very humorous. One we got home, we introduced him to the boys. Immediately they named him Frank (listen to C.W. McCall’s song, Classified) after the dog in one of their favorite songs. They fell in love immediately and the giggles and goofy ensued. Neither one of them has ever been around a puppy.

Last night and this morning Frank has been into everything! Before we can stop him from eating one thing, he’s tearing up another. Wide-open is his only speed other than asleep. It’s been a long time since I’ve had a puppy and I forgot how curious and rambunctious they can be. But they can also bring a smile to your face when nothing else can.

After our other dog died in May, it’s been a sad place around here. Our big, yellow outside dog walks around with his tail sagging, moping most of the time. If dog’s get depressed, then Yellow Dog has been majorly suffering since Buckshot died. Yesterday, for the first time in 3 months, Yellow Dog perked up, lifted his tail and even wagged it a little. He joined us and Frank for a walk around the field and even tried to frisk and play with him.

As busy as this little guy is, he has already made the 12-hour trip worth it. The excitement, playfulness and life he brought with him is invaluable. We needed a little bit of life added back into our world, and that’s just what Frank has done.

We all need a little life added back into our world. Do something out of the ordinary this week. Be spontaneous. Do something fun on purpose. I wouldn’t advise a trip to Mississippi, but I do advise a little adventure. Take a risk. I would have never imagined that my husband losing his mind would have been such a good thing for all of us. Frank is already bringing us back to life.

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