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16107569_10211581461993306_6892103453905631818_oI am a used-to-be elementary teacher that has transitioned into a part-time college instructor who pursues her dream of writing after the kids are in bed! I've been married for 14 interesting but wonderful years. I have the cutest sons ever (yes, of course I believe that!) who always make me smile. We've made our home at the end of a dirt road in the outskirts of Madison, FL and wouldn't trade it for the world. I have recently joined the staff of Fellowship Baptist Church as their Outreach Coordinator,which has been exciting and new. I am super grateful!

I love Jesus. I love to write. And I hope to reach people through the written word. I pray that something on this site will touch your heart, challenge your thinking, or simply make you laugh.

Happy reading.



  1. Christy, really enjoyed meeting you and your mom at SCWC. Hope the trip home was less of an adventure! Kim and Jim

  2. Mrs christy you have touched my life so much. I love to keep in touch with you read up on your storys. Need you to be praying for boys and I been dealing with alot.

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