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“Holy Pokey”


danI taught Daniel how to do the Hokey Pokey this week and he is a huge fan. As usual, he has his own take on it. After we put our arms in, take them out, and shake them all about, he points his little, wiggly fingers straight up in the sky, turns himself around and yells, “HOLY POKEY!”

At first, we just laughed and kept putting different parts in and shaking them all about. Then as we were singing yesterday he yelled, “Whole self in, Mama!” I jumped up to play along, but immediately my mind switched gears: If I am REALLY going to play “Holy” Pokey then I actually need put my whole self in. None of this left arm here, or right foot there; it’s all or nothing.

It’s crazy how a simple game with a two year old can strike such a chord. Now, as I play the real-life version of “Holy” Pokey, I just need to remember to put my whole heart in, my whole mind in, all my emotions in, all my decisions in, all my actions in, all my motivations in, and ultimately my whole self in. I can’t keep putting it all in and taking it right back out. I’ve got to put it in, leave it in, and let Jesus start shaking it all about!

As we go about our day, let’s work on changing our tune just a little: “Put your whole self in, don’t take your whole self out, put your whole self in and let Jesus shake you all about. Let’s do the Holy Pokey, let Jesus turn your life around. He’s what it’s all about! HOLY POKEY!”


Stuck in a Rut

We started down the driveway and hit the clay road. The first few curves were a little slick, but nothing out of my control. We rounded the corner at the end of the clay pit and my car wiggled and wobbled. I slowed down just a shade, but kept a steady pace. I knew I needed to climb the next big hill around the last bend, so I couldn’t stop now.

I was doing great until my front left tire got into the soft clay on the edge of the road. My whole car began slowly sliding toward the left bank. As we slid sideways, I kept the pressure on the gas. Mud was flying, smoke was stirring, but the car wasn’t moving. I tried backing up a little at a time, but the more I backed, the closer to the bank my car got. Back and forth I rocked; only moving a few feet at a time.

Inches away from the bank, my back tire finally caught hold of a firm piece of ground and I was able to began a slow backwards descent to the bottom of the hill. If you have never seen my spectacular backing skills in action, just imagine the tracks that a drunk driver would leave on a dirt road. Now, envision the new ruts I created as I slowly backed down the hill. That road looked like a gang of kids on four-wheelers had just done doughnuts and sped away!

When we got to the bottom I told my son that it would probably be wise to turn around and go through our neighbor’s field because there was no way I was going to be able to make it up that hill. He looked at me and said, “One more time, Mama. Just go fast!” Well, what else was going to happen? Get stuck?

So, I backed up my poor, pitiful, 2-wheel drive buggy onto a solid section of dirt road, popped a piece of gum in my mouth, and mashed on it! Through the wiggly ruts, up the base of the hill, through the soft clay; twisting, turning, sliding we finally made it to the top of the hill. Celebratory cheers rang out as we threw our hands up in victory.

“See, Mama. You trusted me and we made it up the hill,” my son said excitedly. “Just trust me, Mama.”

Image result for stuck in a rutThis stuck in a rut moment wasn’t an isolated incident; it was the cherry on top of a weekend filled with God tenderly stirring my heart. At our women’s retreat, I kept sensing these same, simple, hopeful words that were just spoken to me by my son, “Trust me. Just trust me up this hill.” Just like my son wanted me to trust him, God, too, was beckoning for my trust.

I’ve been stuck in a rut, lately. For those if you who keep up with this blog, my posts have been scarce. I have allowed fears, doubts, and opinions to keep me away from what I love to do and as a result, I have questioned my abilities and assignment in this life.

I’m grateful God used so many people and situations this weekend to remind me that just because I was stuck in a rut doesn’t mean that I have to say there. All I need to do is back up, hit the gas, and get on up that slippery, wiggly hill.Image result for fan into flame verse

Don’t let the world derail you from what you know God has called you to do. Don’t neglect your gift. We are not only hurting ourselves, but we are withholding blessings that could be shared with others.