Letting Them Drown

My fingers dug into the silty soil. Desperate, my eyes darted in every direction, hoping to see through the murky water. Out of air I resurfaced and dove again. It had only been minutes, surely there was time. My hand slid outward and I felt it. A leg. I gripped his calf and pulled him […]

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Yaya, Close Eyes!

We were privileged to have my parents join us at 11:00 service at church today. Daniel, my silly and busy two year old, was standing in the chair between my parents holding their hands during the singing. He was dancing and smiling, just having the time of his life. Then the pastor began to pray; […]

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Every. Second. Worth. It.

That quaking awakening. Everything in the room is blurry. My brain is desperately trying to pinpoint my location. My heart feels like it is going to beat out of chest. Slowly I recall my everyday involvement in a life that I have somehow ceased to remember for only the faintest of a second. Then the […]

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