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  1. Christy, I’ve been asked to speak at the memorial of a dear friend on Thursday. Unlike me, I haven’t come up with what to say. Thank you for posting this because it’s what I’ll share to remind everyone that we will be able to continue without Callie in our earthly lives.

  2. Christy, I feel such a godly pride for you, and a priviledge to have such a young and beautiful caring friend. Praying for you and your family regularly, and the wonderful “work” you do in your writings! I know it’s not only for the LORD, but for all of us who read your words and benefit …helping us grow in Him. The LORD continue to bless you greatly in all you do for Him. I love you. Carol
    P.S. Leaving Sunday morning for my mom’s a couple of days, then on to Melbourne to stay with my youngest daughter as she is having a hip replacement on Oct 3rd. It’s her daughter that you and I talked about, so asking for your prayers (Sarah) for her. Sarah called me and she is reading her Bible (confessed she had made some bad mistakes) PTL all over the place:) He loves us all so much.

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