Dada! Are you?

One of Daniel’s new things is looking for people when they leave his immediate line of sight. So tonight, we left Dada in the pipe section of Home Depot and went outside to look at the flowers. As we came back inside, Daniel starts yelling, “Dada! Are yoooouuu?” He was calling and looking down every aisle. Finally after looking every place we could think of, we rounded the corner and Daniel’s face lit up. “Dada! There. Dada!” After all the looking and calling we finally found where daddy was.

Daniel’s sweet little voice echoing through the store tonight made me think about how often I intentionally look for God. I can read my bible and go to church, but those can often seem automatic. How often do I look in every place possible, desperately seeking my Dada and excitedly waiting to find and be where he is?

What if he is leading me to seek him in a different place? What if I need to turn my attention in a different direction?What if I need to look past all the junk I have allowed in my lives and seek harder than I ever have before?

What if we walked through the store of life and looked down every aisle, actively calling out, “Dada! Are yooooouuu?” I guarantee you Jesus would meet us down the aisle where he is working and invite, equip, and motivate us to join him right where he is. Are you ready?7860a0e620a20b4bdaebca59bd8722ba--typography-poster-typography-design

1 Chronicles 16:11 “Seek the LORD and His strength; Seek His face continually.”


3 thoughts on “Dada! Are you?

  1. Love this, mainly because I think he is down the “other “isles. The ones we don’t want to go down because they are messy or they have items that make us uncomfortable. Keep up the good work (writing) my friend!


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