A Letter of Recommendation

I had the great privilege tonight to write and submit a letter of recommendation for one of my former students. After I finished a thought ran through my mind: I wonder if my husband would ever need me to write him a letter of recommendation. I pushed the thought aside, but it just kept crowding my mind. What job would he be qualified for? And who would take a recommendation from a wife?  So, here is the job I decided would be a perfect fit.

To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to recommend my husband for the position of father. He has already been holding this position in our family for several years now, but I just wanted to affirm that he is the man for the job. This was not something he ever felt prepared for, and in all honesty, I kind of sprang it on him, but it’s really such a perfect fit. He’s kind, compassionate, thoughtful, forgiving, peaceable, loving, heroic, and strong. He daily makes the effort to try to set an example for our boys and desperately wants to be an example to others. He will be the first to say he’s not perfect and that he messes up, but he considers himself a work in progress and knows that he is on the right path. 100_2961

He always makes me feel safe. I never worry about snakes, critters, or varmints when he is around. And even when he’s gone, I still feel safe because he has given me confidence to overcome my fears. Along with being my “Crocodile Hunter”, he is also a protector of our home and our hearts.  He is careful of what and who we allow in our home, always wanting it to remain a safe place for our family and others. He believes that home should be a refuge, free from hostility and anger. He has always been so careful to treasure my heart, even when I wasn’t the easiest person to live with; and now he is also guarding our sons’ hearts. He desperately wants to preserve and protect their innocence as long as he can. He is consistent and loyal. I never have to worry about if he will be there-he just is and always has been.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want him to sound too perfect, because, yes, there are those days when we just don’t see eye to eye. But even on our worst day of marriage, I never doubt his love for me and our boys. I know his intention is never to harm but always to help. He is the same way with our kids as he has always been with me. He is never too big to say he’s sorry and he’s never too far away for a hug or an “I love you”.

He works hard all day, is often weary and worn, but he always desires to spend time with his family. On the weekend he makes time for projects and playtime and at night, one of his special joys is to hold his boys before they go to bed. He hugs and talks to the big one and cuddles and makes faces at the small one. Oftentimes I find all three of them piled in the chair sound asleep!

100_3080I need to warn you that he may get a little anxious or worried at times, but it’s only because he cares too much. And sometimes he may come across pushy or edgy, but it will only be because he feels that someone in his family has been threatened or treated unfairly. He might even seem a little gruff or stand-offish from time to time, but it usually only lasts until he can fully assess the situation.

I know of no other man that is better suited for the job of being the father to my children. His heart is big and his arms are open. My heart is full as I watch him love our kids and impact their precious little lives for eternity. He has my full support and total backing as he continues in this role as father to our boys.


His Loving Wife


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