The New Normal

So, it’s been a busy few weeks trying to learn how to be the mother of two. Life is a bit different. A good different, but different nonetheless. As I have set sail into these waters unknown, I have made some observations about this new normal. Here are just a few of the things I have come to realize:

  1. Bedtime and mealtime are pretty chaotic.100_3050
  2. Spit up is my new cologne.
  3. The big one looks huge now that we have a little one.
  4. My lap seems small when I have both boys in it.
  5. My hair is rarely combed.
  6. Planning life around 3 hour windows is a challenge at times.
  7. A clean house is overrated.
  8. Sleeping with a baby on your chest is one of the most peaceful feelings ever.
  9. Alone time (if it happens) involves sleep, sleep, and more sleep.
  10. Having a child in school makes me feel old.
  11. Actually getting to type with both hands is a rarity.
  12. Nursing fills 6 hours of my day. That’s almost a full time job. 100_3063
  13. Adult time is really important when around kids all day.
  14. Baby poop and pee have Houdini qualities.
  15. My bed feels really good.
  16. Navigating Parent Pick-Up for the first time is like visiting another country.
  17. Sleep, even if in small increments, is a life line to the land of the sane.
  18. Spending time with God is doable, it just looks different and requires creativity.
  19. Bottling emotions causes unneeded explosions, especially when compounded with no sleep.
  20. Cooking a complete meal is a big deal.
  21. Most mothers/fathers dropping off their kids in the morning look just as rough as I do!
  22. Our dogs and cat are lucky if they get fed regularly. I’m glad they remind us. 100_3119
  23. Our tiny little boy passes gas like a grown man. I’m not even kidding.
  24. Baby heads are pretty floppy, but they don’t fall off.
  25. A support system of family and friends is invaluable.

I’m sure there are plenty more to add, but my time of typing with two hands is almost up for the week, so I’m signing off.


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