My Heart is Full

I just sat there in my chair and held him as long as I could. I hugged him tightly and held his not-so-little hands in mine. I just can’t believe how fast time has gone by. It was just yesterday when we were bringing him home from the hospital…and boy were we scared to death. Neither one of us knew what we were going to do with a kid; we hadn’t even changed a diaper until he came along.

And now here we are. That little boy that we brought home is about to begin Pre-K. We attended open house tonight. As we entered his new classroom I was fighting back tears. But he wasn’t. He leaned over and excitedly asked me if he could go play with his new friends. No fear. No worries. He just loves other kids and can’t wait to go to school everyday.

Then there’s the way he has taken to being a big brother. He is so sweet. I have to make him go outside and play with daddy and papa because he doesn’t want to leave Daniel inside by himself. He holds him and hugs him and kisses him. He is gentle and tenderhearted. He is more than willing to help when we ask or even when we don’t. Sometimes when I’m in the back nursing Daniel he runs back there just so he can give Daniel a kiss and hug. It absolutely melts my heart that he loves his new brother so much.

My Heart (and lap) is Full!

Last night Carter wanted me to read him and Daniel a book, so we wiggled around until we were somewhat comfortable. After I read to them I didn’t want to put either of them down. My body is still pretty sore from the C-section, but I didn’t care. I held my boys until they were both asleep and David had to come move them.

I can’t express all the emotions that my heart feels right now. New life. New love. New chapters. New routines.

I’m just so thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to be called Mom again. It’s a name that has forever changed me; and it’s a life I don’t want to live without.

My Heart Is Full.


One thought on “My Heart is Full

  1. This made me tear up this morning. I know you will be the best Mother, David the best Daddy, Carter, the best big brother and Daniel will grow into a fine young man with all the love and security a family can give. God bless you. When you can come by, please do. I’d love to rock Daniel or Carter.


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