Thinking of Baby

Baby-Boy-Two more weeks until I see your face, just two short weeks in that tight, little space.

What will you be like outside of the womb? Will your smile be contagious and light up a room?

I’ve felt every wiggle and felt every nudge, and the bigger you get, the less that you budge!

Your room’s nearly ready, your clothes are laid out, I’m so excited but nervous-I just want to shout!

I have so many questions and tons of concerns, I know that I still have so much to learn.

Be patient with me as I’ll do my best, to love you and care for you and all of the rest.

But I’m likely to blow it, just so you know, but I hope you’ll forgive me as you teach me to grow.

You’re God’s little miracle, a gift from above, sent down from heaven, to teach me to love;

To love deeper and fuller than I already do, and to grow my heart bigger as it opens for you.

Sleep well little baby, in the womb as you rest, for soon I will hold you up close to my chest.

I’ll see your sweet smile, your cheeks and your nose, and fall in love with the baby God specially chose!


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