Are You Ready?

th1RIDPQGL20 days.

20 days until Baby Adams arrives. The question everyone asks me lately is, “Are you ready?” Now that’s a loaded question.

Physically, yes, I’m beyond ready. I’ve reached the point where there is no comfortable position to be in. I’m tired all the time. I wake up every two hours at night and have to pee. I’m hungry all of the time. And this little booger LOVES to kick me in the ribs. I know he’s got to be ready to get out of there, too!

Mentally, no, I’m not ready. I am worried, afraid, and anxious…yet also excited, hopeful, and overflowing with emotions. What will this little man be like? What will he look like? Will he be an easy or hard baby? Will he have any allergies? Health issues? And on and on and on.

But in my mind the “Are you ready?” question isn’t just related to the new baby coming. Am I ready for Carter to turn four this week? Am I ready for him to begin growing up and start Pre-K? Am I ready to entrust him to another person for most of the day? Am I ready to watch him grow up before my eyes and really start developing his own unique little personality? Am I ready to watch him grow up instantly as he becomes a big brother?

Am I ready to be the mother of two? Not only will I need to give Carter his needed attention but also this new little fellow. Am I ready to let my heart grow even bigger as my family expands again?

Am I ready to adapt my life to change yet again? I’ve gotten so used to having a capable child, which has allowed me a little more freedom to write and work on personal projects again. Am I ready to slow down personal progress in order to get this little one through the infant stage?

Am I ready to be the sole provider for this new little life as I nurse him every 2-3 hours? Am I up for the challenge of making sure I give him the best start that I possibly can?

Am I ready to learn how to be the only woman in a house that is dominated by men? Am I ready to be the best wife and mother possible? Am I ready to learn how to continue to nurture my marriage while also raising two boys?

Am I ready to learn how to honor God with my life in this new stage? Am I ready to be willing, obedient, and faithful to trust Him even when I’m exhausted and it makes no sense? Am I ready to worship Him differently as my time will not be my own? Am ready to spend time praying in the wee hours of the night between feedings and naps?

Am I ready for our new normal?

I just don’t think so. But ready or not, change is coming…and it’s only 20 days away. 20 days away…


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