So, It’s A…..

babyAfter waking up every hour on the hour last night, hoping not to sleep through the alarm, we finally made it to our 16 week appointment. Most of the night I dreamed about baby girls and woke up wondering what in the world we would do with a little girl. Not that I’m opposed, I’m just used to Carter and David and I am a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.

So, when we got to the ultrasound room, my belly lathered up with that warm, tingly goop, I was anxiously awaiting the news that we were going to have a girl. We even had a girl name picked out. She moved the wand over my belly and the little critter was moving all over the place! She had a hard time getting the measurements of it’s body and organs because it wouldn’t be still. Then she asked, “So, do you want to know what it is?” I held my breath as she pulled up a little arrow on the screen and pointed between the legs. Without a doubt, there it was. “You have a little boy!”

Another boy!

We have no names picked out yet, but Carter insists that we name it Thomas the Train Baby. Ha! Silly little boy. Something tells me he won’t get a vote when it comes down to it!

We are very excited (and of course a little nervous, too) and appreciate your prayers for Baby Adams as he keeps cooking in there. 🙂 Baby is expected to make his grand entrance into this world in August.


One thought on “So, It’s A…..

  1. So really very happy for the Adams Family!!! A BOY!!! Did I ever tell you that we actually “met” Thomas the Train. Pretty Cool! Love you all and will be praying indeed.


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