Kids and the Dark

Carter is scared of sleeping in his room. It doesn’t matter if I leave the night light, a small lantern, or a flashlight on, there’s just something about that room and the way the shadows dance around that freaks him out. I remember being a kid and I was always scared of the dark. I could play in my room all afternoon, but everything changed as soon as the lights went out. I felt like all of my Super-Spidey senses came to life once I was alone in the dark. I could hear the tiniest creak. I saw the smallest flicker. I felt the faintest touch, even if it was just the air blowing past.

Darkness just seems to bring out fear.

What if being scared of the Dark isn’t such a bad thing? What if kids just instinctively know that Darkness is the opposite of Light? What if being afraid of the Dark is God’s inborn nature luring them heavenward toward things of Light? I’ve pondered on this a lot lately and there’s probably not some deep theological parallel going on as a result of my kid being afraid of the dark. It does make me wonder, however, if I’m doing enough as a parent to make sure he is more comfortable in the Light than in the Dark. Am I instilling in him truths that will help him recognize the lies of Darkness? Am I teaching him to trust in the Light or live as a slave to fear?

Light destroys Darkness. What am I doing to bring more Light into my child’s life?



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