Mismatched Socks

So, apparently wearing mismatched socks on purpose is now a major trend. Did you know that you can even buy socks that are identical in shape and size, but have totally different print on every single sock? Yeah, who knew?

socksWell, my brother-my sweet, caring, kind brother-bought me a pack of socks for Christmas. I’m looking at all of the funky patterns and designs when all of a sudden this wave of panic comes over me-NONE OF THEM MATCH! Yes, I am a fan of wearing crazy socks. No, my socks don’t always match what I’m wearing. But unless I just have no other option, my socks ALWAYS match each other.

For a week now I have been walking past my dresser where these socks are sitting. Just thinking about wearing socks that don’t match messes with my brain (which is why my brother got me the socks in the first place!), but today I decided to give it a try. I put two of them on and unless I look at them I would never know the difference.

It makes me think about how we as people are so quick to look at each others’ outsides. We are so quick to judge someone simply based on appearance or hearsay, but when we take time to get to know each other, we discover that we are all just humans. We all have hurts. We all have hopes. We have failures and fears. We have dreams and desires. So often we get stuck in man-made ruts and we convince ourselves that because we don’t seem to “match” someone else that we could never be around them, understand them, or do life with them. What I’m finding is the more “mismatched” I seem to be with someone, the more I come to love and appreciate them.

We can’t let silly things get in the way of doing life to the fullest. No, I’m not thrilled about having socks that will never be a part of a pair, but I am super-excited about getting to know people who aren’t like me. God can bring together the most mismatched group of people and do some amazing things! I want to be apart of something like that!


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