Potty Training

Due to my teaching schedule this semester, I have not been able to make a consistent and concerted effort at potty training Carter. We have had him in Pull-ups for several months, but haven’t been pushing all that hard. My classes ended Tuesday so the initiation of big-boy underwear began on Wednesday. We had an awesome first 2 days. On day 1, he managed to go the whole day without wetting himself. Day 2 was also a day of dryness. I had high hopes for today as well. The morning was great. At lunch, he made the “poopy face” and Yaya (my mom) rushed him to the potty to go “sit on Thomas” (we have a Thomas potty seat) only to find it was a dry run. The afternoon continued with dryness and as evening approached, I figured we were home free.

About 5 o’clock, I had him pee on a truck tire (whatever it takes!) and we decided to walk around in the yard to check on my flower beds. My day lilies started blooming this week and they are very tall. I convinced Carter to stand beside the tallest flower and as I backed away to take the picture, I couldn’t get him to smile. I kept talking to him and all of a sudden David chimed in, “I think he’s pooping!” I snapped the picture way faster than I intended and ran over to try to rip clothes off before the process got into full swing.

As I reached Carter, he began sobbing. “Carter, did you poop?” I asked. ” Do we need to sit on Thomas?”

“No,” he responded through sobs and tears.

After checking the back of his underwear and finding it empty,  I finally realized the cause for the original “poopy” face and the inconsolable sobs that followed-he had peed on himself. As I snapped the picture, I wasn’t capturing the “poopy” face; I was catching the moment of shock when he realized what the warmth of fresh pee felt like running down his legs and the front of his pants!


When I first saw this picture, I was sad that he wasn’t smiling. Then I saw the dark spot on his pants and I couldn’t help but chuckle as I put all of the pieces together! In 10 years he’s going to hate me for this, but for now,  thought I’d share this priceless moment!




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