A Life Well Lived

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Mr. Jake Phillips since I was a teenager and over those years, we’ve had some good times. The first thing I remember is the time I bought him a pair of toe socks to wear. I don’t even remember how that came about, but Mrs. Judy, Mr. Jake and I sat in the living room of their house and just laughed as he attempted to put them on. He got tickled and his laugh became contagious. Another memory is when I was either in late high school or early college. Mr. Jake was preaching a Sunday night service and God was really at work on my heart. I remember going forward that night and talking with him about what God was doing inside me. So many other times I would just show up at their house for a visit and usually end up needing to talk through something or get some advice from the both of them. Other times we’d just chat and I would listen to a story here and there, maybe even hear about how the Braves were doing or Mrs. Judy would talk about  that “other” football team…is it Auburn? 🙂 When Carter was a little fellow, I took him over to see Mr. Jake and Mrs. Judy. He was fascinated  by the wheels on the walker. He even  played ball with Mr. Jake with a little soft ball and they had such a fun time together.

jake and carter

I, like so many others, have such fond memories of Mr. Jake. He lived a good life and he showed the love of Christ to all of those around him. I’m so thankful I got to know him and I am even more thankful that Carter got to know him. Mr. Jake is no longer with us physically, but his memory is one that will last for a very long time through the many lives that he has touched. Maybe he’s walking around in his heavenly toe socks with white and gold stripes around them, arm and arm with Jesus! Ha, well, maybe not the toe socks part, but I know he’s wearing that big ole smile as he is taking in all the wonders of heaven.

Thank you Mr. Jake, for modeling a life well lived. You will truly be missed. All our love.




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