More Adventures

We have had an exciting few days. David and I did make it down the zip line, with only minor bruising and scrapes. That evening the septic system got clogged. David was up til midnight and the other guys were up til five in the morning but they got it fixed. I decided while they worked that I would pretend to be a teenager again and play volleyball. Yeah, that wasn’t my smartest move of the week. I am so sore! There are 75 middle schoolers here now. Many of them are helping David saw boards. He’s letting them push the mill and they are stacking lumber, too. I got to make a quadruple batch of chocolate chip cookies and they actually turned out! For those of you who know my track record then you know that’s a big deal! I have loved interacting with the staff. I have also been learning how to make a lot of stuff from scratch. All the bread is homemade and today we made butter. Carter helped shake the jar, so he was excited to see the end result. Carter is also making friends everywhere he goes, so he is loving life.

My heart was so inspired yesterday when I got to talk to a friend from Madison. God is using the ladies in our Sunday school class to meet needs. What encouragement to know we can all work together to be God’s hands and feet. It made my day to hear of everything you all are doing. Blessings.


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